Journeys ’14


Our lives are continual journeys, on which we may not know what lies ahead, but we can look back and see where we’ve been, to see our struggles and blessings. For myself, the past years have indeed been a long journey filled with many adventures, hills and valleys, ups and downs. I think that this album is somewhat a reflection of myself – in that it is far from perfect, and not every piece fits together properly, but ends on a feeling of hope and peace.

This album is a collection of various compositions, most of which I have released unofficially at some point or other, which I have decided to put together into one collection. I personally wish that I could have spent more time on some of these compositions, but there will definitely be more for the future! I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I have enjoyed creating these pieces.

The Music

To download the mp3s, right-click the link and press ‘save link as’ or ‘save target as’ or your browser’s equivalent.

Download the whole album zipped (34.9MB), bonus tracks not included.

  1. ‘Mozart’ [3:30]
  2. Alpheratz [3:28]
  3. House Of Terror [3:09]
  4. The Journey [4:03]
  5. Adventures Over The Desert [6:04]
  6. Warriors From The East [2:58]
  7. A Little Hope [2:59]
  8. (Bonus track) Jeux d’eau (Maurice Ravel) [5:49]
  9. (Bonus track) Undecided Randomness [1:36]

NOTICE: All music is for PERSONAL use only, and is not/should not be used to make money, or be used for any commercial purposes.

Please do not link these files directly from any other sites (Just not the separate files – You CAN link to this page)

If you want to use these recordings, please ask me first! Thank you!

About The Music

OK, I really couldn’t figure out what to write about this music, but here goes:

1. Mozart (2001)

This piece was drafted for solo piano in 2001 one morning at school, mostly with me standing up and writing on my manuscript on a window sill. It was later improved and transcribed for string quintet, 2 flutes & oboe with the help of my music teacher at the time, Vivian Chua. I decided to include it here because it’s really when I first started ‘seriously’ composing (as ‘serious’ as Mozart-style can be possible), and because I (recently) finally made a digital performance which I deemed wasn’t too terrible.

2. Alpheratz (2013)

The journey begins with the skies and the stars! To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to name this, but I’ve always loved the skies and stars, so I named it after the star Alpheratz (in Andromeda), also part of the horse Pegasus.

3. House Of Terror (2006)

We all go through some times of terror in our lives, though probably not by entering a haunted house full of monsters and slimy stuff! This piece was composed for my A-level Music Technology course for the “film music” timed scene, in which some people enter a house to discover the terror within, unsurprisingly. I started work on it 4 days before the entire score and production was due, and for the time I spent on it, I am relatively happy. Since 2006, I have updated some of the sounds to be more realistic, but the actual music composition remains the same.

4. The Journey (2014)

A journey through the forest, full of uncertainties and things unknown, opening out into a grand view only the listener can see in their mind. However, through all this one can sense a feeling of calm and peace.

5. Adventures Over The Desert (2013)

Filled with lots of energy, excitement, and perhaps a slight middle eastern influence on tonality. Feel free to leave the desert wherever your imagination takes you, and have your own adventure!

6. Warriors From The East (2013)

With the dawn comes a refreshing breeze, and looking from the mountains towards the sunrise appear mighty warriors.

7. A Little Hope (2013)

A little hope is sometimes all we need to keep going in life.

Bonus Tracks

Jeux d’eau (Maurice Ravel)

I don’t normally post my piano performances, mostly because you can find much better performances elsewhere, but I decided to include this one here, because it’s one of my all time favorite pieces, and its harmonies and never ending stream of [water] seems to go along with the idea of a journey which doesn’t seem to end. Recorded during the Summer 2006 Millfield Senior School Evening Recital.

Undecided Randomness (2010)

OK, this one is just here ‘because’. I was just experimenting with some ideas and testing out some new sounds, so there!