Grace Abundant Studios, formed in July ’07, is not so much a physical entity, but something which is constantly on the move. It is inspired by God’s abundant grace which allows us to live each day.

Grace Abundant Studios has resided in many places, including Malaysia (where it was first formed), Cambridge (Boston), and Bellingham (WA).

Grace Abundant Studios was founded in the summer of 2007 by myself, Hoong Ern Ng, along with the help of Simon Yau, when the first album Grace Abundant was recorded. As such, GAS strives to glorify God through music, which I believe is a gift which God has given to us, and I hope that whatever you find on this website will be a blessing to you!

Aside from the albums here, I also do a lot of other recording, such as on-site concert recording of various music groups, most of which is not available on this website. If you’re interested in hearing other recordings that I have done, please contact me! (You can also navigate to http://files.graceabundant.com/ which has some extra stuff)

God bless, and hope you enjoy your visit here!

The font used in the Grace Abundant Studios logo is provided courtesy Annie Wang

Some images

Grace Abundant Studios – 2007, while recording “Grace Abundant”. Left – Hoong Ern, Right – Simon. Picture courtesy Timothy Cheng.

Grace Abundant Studios – 2008, while recording “Still I’m Alone”.

Grace Abundant Studios – 2008, in a new room!

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